We are looking for:

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We are looking for:

Post by Mari on Thu Feb 23, 2017 9:11 am

We are looking for:


Restoration Shaman (low-medium need)
Discipline Priest (medium need)

DPS DK (high need)
Balance Druid (low need)
Mage (low need)
Shadow Priest (high need)
Rogue (high need)
Elemental Shaman (high need)
Enhancement Shaman (low need)
Warlock (high need)
Warrior (low need)

To apply you should meet the [u]minimum ilvl of 935+ and provide logs of your DPS. If you lack logs you can get those from LFR on any of the content you PUGed.

Please read our rules before applying.

We are also opened to social members, levelers and re-rollers. But due note that our main focus is raiding current content.

For applying to raid team fill in the application by using the template in this forum. If you want a social spot for the time being then anyone can give you a guild invite. If you are already part of the team as a cross realm raider and wish to join us - just ask anyone for a guild invite.


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