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Code of Conduct

Post by Mari on Thu Feb 23, 2017 9:18 am


Punished is a cross-realm raiding community. Our main goal is to have fun, enjoy what we are doing while progressing through various content.

Our aim is to clear normal & heroic and then at some point move to mythic. But as we do raid in a cross-realm group, mythic will be only an option when it will be opened for cross-realm groups.

Code of Conduct

  • If you are part of the guild you must be respectful towards people no matter what you do or where you are. If you act like a jerk or a brat you will be thrown out of the guild and banned from raid group no matter how good you are.
  • If you raid with the our group you must respect your fellow raiders. Constructive criticism is welcome to help the group’s leader or a raid team member out, however being rude and calling people things just cause you feel you are superior to them is not fine and will end you being kicked and banned from the group.
  • Being a jerk, not listening and doing whatever you want will also get you kicked and banned from the group.
  • If you happen to have an issue with the GM, a raider, raider leader what not, then we’ll deal with it after the raid. Do not bring your bad mood or quarrels to raid. It will ruin the fun for the rest of the people.

Joining the guild

If you want to join the guild and raid under “Punished’s name” then do fill in a short application found [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]. PS - joining us is very much preferred.

If you just wish to join the guild to meet various people and make new friends then just whisper anyone in game for a guild invite and you’re set to join the family.

Do note though, that we are mainly a raiding guild, so outside of the raid half the time there is not much going on - unless you wish to make something grand *hint* for the rest of us to join.

Only carrot we can offer you, if you want to be part of the guild is our chat (when people are online).

Alt in the guild

You can have as many alts in the guild as you wish, though if you don’t play them in an extended period of time.

Being Kicked from the guild

  • You are a jerk
  • You are AFK for over a month without telling the GM/officer’s about it.

Joining one of our events

If you wish to just test the group’s nature out before you join us, you are more than welcome to sign up for any of our events as well, but please note that people who are regulars and/or seeking for a regular raiding spot will get priority over you.

Joining on your alt

You can raid with us on your alt on your off-days from your own guild/group. There are no restriction. However as with other people, you will be taken on with “priority” if you are looking for a regular spot.

Though you being on your alt doesn’t excuse you from not knowing how to play it and it having gear and various consumables on it.

Voice chat

You are required to be on voice chat when we are raiding. All you have to do is listen. If you are brave enough to speak and have a working mic, you are more then welcome to be vocal.

  • Do not interrupt the raid leader when tactics are explained. You can voice your concerns and opinions after tactics have been explained.
  • Your ideas and suggestions will be listened, however you shouldn’t expect that your ideas would be implemented on the next go.
  • Keep chit-chat during progression pulls minimal, so the channel would be clear for raid call outs.


We are using Master Looter. Info on how it works can be found in our discord channel, under #announcement section.


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